The Fashion Person's Guide To Holiday Gifts

If you have a Fashion with a capital-F person in your life, you know how difficult they can be to shop for. Their endless wardrobe! Their impeccable (read: expensive) taste! And, let's be honest, they're kind-of picky. They know what they like, they know what they want — and trying to figure out something that checks off both those boxes can be a feat in and of itself.
Our advice for getting it right? Start by studying up on today's most popular trends — one scroll through Instagram and you'll realize you can't go wrong with a pair of cat-eyes or printed socks. (It doesn't hurt to do some snooping and see what brands said stylish person is following Insta, too.) Next, brush up on your Fashion 101, check out what said labels are offering this holiday season, and create a preliminary list of items. Then, think about how they'll style them, how often they'll wear them, and whether they have something too similar in their closet already. With that, you'll likely be able to narrow it down to one-to-two things your style-obsessed recipient won't just appreciate — but that they'll actually use.
That, or you can skip the legwork and click through the slideshow ahead for 25 gifts the trendiest person you know is sure to 'gram on Christmas morning.
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