Thinking Of Traveling Alone? You NEED To Read This

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Despite the success of Wild and Eat, Pray, Love, the concept of women traveling alone isn’t new. Throughout the ages, women have pursued their wanderlust — following their dreams, falling in love, and learning more about the world. Still, females are subjected to scrutiny that men aren’t when flying solo. Incredulous comments like, “He lets you travel by yourself?” and “Aren’t you afraid?” often surround such unescorted adventures. (In my almost-two-decade career as a travel writer, I’ve heard them all.)
Sure, there can be some uncomfortable truths to traveling alone, such as unwanted attention or being labeled as lonely. But the upsides and empowerment far outweigh the “what ifs” that threaten to keep you home.
A solo adventure is more than just a trip; it’s an opportunity to learn more about yourself. If fear is holding you back, here are 10 mistakes to avoid — ones that could cost you time or money, or even lead to actual danger. Now, go on and get out there! And when you do, be sure to send us a postcard.

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