Snag A Serious Discount On TomTom's Edgy Accessories...Just Because!

We've told you before why we think TomTom's jewels are the cat's pajamas — and not because the label is named after the designer's 20-pound kitty, Tomato. The architectural lineup boasts a bevy of studs and crystals perfect for channeling your inner Janis Joplin at all of those upcoming outdoor music festivals.
And Chevron stripes once reserved for area rugs and Megan Draper are making a major comeback in the form of arm party-worthy cuffs and righteous rings. We're not the only ones grooving on the awesome adornments, either: Nicki Minaj and Whitney Port (what we'd give to witness a convo between those two!) both love their TomTom neck-candy.
While the brand calls La-La Land home, they're offering shoppers across this fine country 35% off their next purchase, all in the name of spring. If that's not a reason to indulge in badass rings, necklaces and bracelets...we don't know what is!
Where:, don't forget to include the code: springfever at check out!
When: Now through Friday, May 25, 11:59 p.m.
Photo: Via TomTom

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