You Can Now Make $$ As A Designer — Yes, YOU

Update:Since it's inception, Tinker Tailor's been on the brink of all things digital, fashionable, and, well, awesome. But, now with the addition of the "Tink Tank," a user-generated, interactive platform for designs, each member can make dough for their creative product. How does it work? Well, sign in to make a profile, design the day away (remember, this site can actually take over your life), and let others shop your creations. If other Tink Tankers are into your dresses, skirts, and tops and end up adding to cart, you can make 10% of the profits towards your next purchase. Once again, we're hooked. Touché, Tinker Tailor, touché.
This post was originally published on May 29.
When I was little, I played a computer game that let me virtually design clothing. (Yes, I grew up in the digital age, and, yes, I had an interest in fashion from the start.) But, I knew that my creations, however beautiful, would never come to fruition. And, as much as I cut up old bed sheets and stapled them back together, my IRL approximations weren't half as pretty as the renderings I'd seen on my oversized desktop.
Fast-forward a few years — and technological advances — and the software of my dreams is a full-blown reality. Except, this time, the designs are far better than my rudimentary swatch projects. Tinker Tailor is a full-service customization site that allows users to snip sleeves, change colors, and embellish items to their heart's content.
There are two main ways to use this service but hundreds of thousands of possible outcomes. (I'd do the math here, but, frankly, I can't). The site is easy to use, wonderfully laid out, and even has 3-D technology that previews your garment from every angle. You can choose from one of Tinker Tailor's many, exclusive designer capsules — think: Rodarte, Marchesa, and Preen — and tweak a look they've already created, or you can start from scratch. There are custom fabrics, like the currently available "lighter print" by Yaz Bukey, and piece-by-piece silhouettes you'll literally tinker around with all day long.
Seriously, this site is like that computer game of yore, except way more addictive because you can actually receive the garment in your hands within a few weeks. And, though the pieces are Moda Operandi-level pricey — the founders are alumni, after all — the concept is fantastic for scoring that elusive piece you've literally been dreaming of your entire life. (If only I could find my old sketches!). It's also a killer idea for bridesmaids. I was lucky enough to get to design a dress and will update this post with a picture when it arrives. In the meantime, I've done the little girl in me proud by concocting five frocks that you can actually buy right now. My challenge to you? Design a few of your own, screenshot them, and post them in the comments below. Play on.