How To Nail Fall Trends Without Stepping Foot In A Zara

Have you ever fallen down a shopping rabbit hole? You know, when one awesome brand leads you to another with a similar aesthetic, and then another, and then another? That's basically what happens when we shop on Tictail. Every two weeks, we'll be teaming up with the site—which makes it easy to discover emerging brands from around the world—to unearth a selection of brands you probably don't know about, but definitely should. Prepare to open a LOT of browser tabs.
It can be easy to fall back on the ol' reliable fast-fashion stores when you're trying to stock up on the latest trends for a new season. This month, for example, it's pretty much a guarantee that you can walk into Zara and find all the velvet, suiting, corduroy, and statement earrings your heart could desire without exerting much effort. But, isn't it so much cooler to get your hands on the on-trend items not everyone else will have? We've all had those clone run-ins with someone wearing the same shoes or top as we are one too many times, so this time around, we're up to the challenge of finding all the trends elsewhere.
And, Tictail, the best single destination for emerging brands around the world, is here to help. This time around, it's Raleigh Norris, Tictail's Instagram Manager, rounding up her picks from the marketplace. Scouring both Instagram and Tictail all day through, Raleigh is constantly on the pule of what's trending on the 'gram and the World Wide Web, and she just so happened to find on-point duds from places like Sweden, Spain, and Slovakia... So, um, we have a feeling you won't see anyone else at your office wearing the picks ahead.
Click through to stock up on all of the season's must-haves — that no one else will have​​.​