Check Your Head: Yakkay’s Cap Bicycle Helmets

One of us was biking down Amsterdam Avenue recently, wearing his rather round helmet, when another cyclist looked at his dome, rolled his eyes, and sped away laughing with his head unprotected. On reflection, we can't tell who was better off—the one without the helmet or the one with a basketball on his head. Most bike helmets are either too bulky or too sporty with no stylish ground in between While we know at least one person who wears an equestrian helmet on her 10-speed, we're more interested in this nifty faux-cap headgear by Yakkay pointed out to us by our good friend Joanna. Sure, they're not perfect, but they're a hell of a lot better than driving around looking like a mushroom or waking up in a hospital bed. (Cup of Jo)
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