The New Creative Game Changers You Need To Know: Part 2

Of all the things we love about New York, the seemingly endless talent pool (our most precious renewable resource) is definitely in the top three. Undeniably, household designer names, revolutionary artists, and landmark shops live forever in our hearts, but we're always ready to see who's making the grade in the freshman class. So that you can stay on the crest of the creative wave right along with us, we're bringing you the next crop of inspiring It girls must-know game-changers. In our first installment, we introduced you to an interior designer, a filmmaker, and a stylist. In this edition, we're rounding out the list of ladies you'll come to love with a picturesque photographer, a DJ with beats that don't quit, a thought-provoking painter, and more. Their skills are varied, but it's clear these girls all know how to put together an A-plus outfit (not to mention how to kill it at a photo shoot)! Click through to see our snaps of stylish New Yorkers, read up, and take notes — we're calling it, these local lovelies are about to skip some grades and be seniors faster than you can say graduation.