This App Will Solve The Most Annoying Part Of Shopping

Most shoppers can be divided into two categories: those who like to wander and window-shop aimlessly until the perfect gem catches their eye, and those who have a clear mission in mind — be it a dress for a fancy dinner, a pair of flared jeans that make their legs look longer, or just a pair of new underwear. The worst part about being a member of the latter group is knowing exactly what you want, but having no clue where to find it. That’s where Net-A-Porter’s soon-to-launch shopping app really shines. The Net Set is the next natural extension of the Net-A-Porter e-commerce site. According to, it will not only be a place to shop, but an entire social media network that could prove to make your outfit hunting even more successful. While the app allows you to follow influencers and discover their latest wish-list items, the most exciting feature is the ability to upload your own photos and have it track down your coveted piece for you — effectively solving that “no idea where to look” conundrum.  Should you find yourself identifying with the meandering shopper, the app will satisfy that urge, too. On it, you can endlessly browse popular trends from around the world and influencers (or muses) whose outfits you admire. You can also create "style tribes" — essentially mood boards for your desired aesthetic. Check out the new app's (very snappy) teaser above, and request an invitation now to become part of The Net Set when it finally launches next week.