The Meanest, Bitchiest, Nastiest Jen Aniston Article. Ever.

Mondays often bring a case of the FML's, but imagine waking up to the meanest, bitchiest, nastiest headline ever. We're talking about this mornings attack on Jennifer Aniston, with a gigantic Daily Mail spread focusing on the "Why can't she keep a man" aspect the press loves to foist on the post-Brad Jen. Maybe the backlash was sparked by those topless ads for her new perfume Lolavie featuring her flawlessly flat-stomach and toned arms (she probably got paid a pretty penny for the fragrance, too). So she's had some man-trouble, but in our humble opinion, girl still looks good. Maybe someone over at the Daily Mail has a bad case of the Mondays, but something tells us it goes a little further than the first day of the week blues. FYL. (DailyMail)

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