The Least-Hideous Camera Strap You’ve Ever Seen

camera strap
We're all doing the occasional photography dabble these days, snapping pix of our friends as if we're about to be the next Sartorialist (are we?). On the flip side, there's the inevitable ick that comes along with being a shutterbug in the form of those hideous, mass-manufactured, logo-covered straps that comes with your camera. Even worse? That flimsy little wrist-loop thingy you'll probably lose the second everything is out of the box. But wait, there's hope! SFK camera straps from designer Sarah Frances Kuhn are the sweet, stylish relief any Chicagoan with a camera has been hoping for. These leather and chain beauties are a total upgrade from what you're used to, and at $55, they make an excellent gift (even for you!). Shop online at TwentyThirtyFourty, also a local e-commerce shop, and throw away all of those ugly straps. Their days are done.

SFK Classic Camera Strap, $55, available at TwentyThirtyFourty.

Photo: Via TwentyThirtyFourty