The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Gets An H&M Clothing Line

H&M has been cranking out one dreamy designer-collaborated collection after the next, but they're about to take a new route. They've just announced a line inspired by the must-see movie that we've been waiting for for years. Come December, the H&M Divided collection will be channeling Lisbeth Salander for a collection of designs inspired by The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. A neat juxtaposition to the hauntingly beautiful Rooney Mara on the cover of November's Vogue, the designs will have Salander's rough-around-the-edges appeal, for sure. That will translate to leather jackets, baggy hoodies, and ripped jeans conceived with help from the flick's costume designer, Trish Summerville. If your style is not begging for a '90s grunge/goth moment, no worries. You can look forward to blending a piece or two from the cool new collab into your wardrobe for just a hint of toughness and distress that's as authentic as the style of the onscreen anti-heroine herself. (My Fashion Life)
Photo: Via H&M

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