The Cobrasnake Gives A Tour Of His OffBeat Hollywood Shop

We all know Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter for his crazy nightlife photographs, fashion collaborations, and recognizable friends, but as of last month, Mr. Hunter has been able to add retailer the list. Last month, the Cobrasnake opened his own version of a boutique with fluorescent signs, stacks of VHS tapes, and a washing machine...oh, and obviously some totally fab clothes. "It all started as an experiment," Hunter told WWD. "My Web site was an experiment, then I made screen-print T-shirts—wondering if anyone would buy them—and they sold out. There was a huge demand for this store so I decided to try it." The store which was originally supposed to be a pop up shop, but Hunter has already extended his stay till next spring. The Cobrasnake also shared 10 of his fave items sold at The Cobra Shop. Click here to check them out!