The Jersey Shore Cast Are Banned From Fist Pumping At A Hipster Party


If you follow us on twitter, you may have read that we accidentally stumbled into the
Jersey Shore
album release party Tuesday night instead of the David Lachapelle show (in our defense, they were basically sharing the same red carpet). While the worst part may be that we didn't leave, the rest of the shindig was exactly as horrendous as you'd expect—a cameo by a real housewife of Jersey (Danielle Staub), a choking miasma of drugstore cologne, and a lot of midriff that shouldn't have been bared. While the atmosphere was totally in the cast's comfort zone, it seems they were in for a rude awakening when they jetted down to the L.E.S. We're not clear on the deets, but strangely they ended up at a Tokion magazine party—that bastion of hipsterdom—and were told by security:"Fist pumping will not be tolerated." We're not sure A.) why Tokion let them in or B.) why they wanted to go to a Tokion bash, but either way, we're hoping this will be the impetus for a state-wide ban of fist-pumping. (NYPost)

Jersey Shore pictures via MTV