This Limited-Edition Jacket Will Sell Out — Here's How To Win It

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Even though the temps are starting to heat up, as a New Yorker, I never pack my leather jacket away with the rest of my coats. All year 'round, I always keep it within arms-reach, because even in the middle of summer, I never know when I might want to bring it along for a chilly night or freezing office air conditioning. And while June may not be the time you typically think to invest in a new one, we've come across a style that we just can't wait until the fall to get our hands on.
New York-based cool-girl (and guy!) outerwear brand The Arrivals just teamed up with Milk.Xyz on a limited-edition jacket that will not only stand out in a sea of motos, but will also speak to the Internet-obsessed in all of us. The HTML Moto Jacket features a front that's as sleek as ever, but the back is decorated in HTML symbols that will make sense to any young creative who works for the web. Because of that, we have a feeling it will sell out in no time — so if the stock is already gone by the time you're reading this (or if you just don't want to dish out the $745), you can enter to win one right here. And while you're shopping the brand's site, you should know, you can get $50 off all orders $200+ through 6/30 with code R29ARRIVES.
Click on to scope it out, alongside some similar options. You made not need the jacket much this summer, but, hey, there's no shame in thinking ahead.