12 New Ways To Wear Tevas In NYC (Yes, They’re Baack!)

Tevas will forever have a special place in our hearts, and now, thanks to fave photographer Sunny Shokrae, they have found their rightful place back on our feet. Yes, it looks as though the active sandal hybrid has returned. This time, though, they're looking just as chic on the streets of NYC as they once were functional on, say, our summer camp over night trips (cue: emotional flashbacks).
Shokrae has funked up the shoes by shooting them on girls with sundresses, dress pants, and body-con "going out" dresses, all to the effect of an overall, wearable (and comfortable!) summertime wardrobe. Y'all already know we love us some ugly shoes, but we're not sure these even count, anymore.
Click through for a look at the exclusive pics and tell us what you think of the throwback style.
Photographed by Sunny Shokrae