Must Watch! The Quirkiest Animated Fashion Flick Perhaps Ever Made

When a film producer and screenwriter team up in Tinseltown, you'd expect a summer blockbuster or a rom-com, not something on the stylish side (unless it's a Devil Wears Prada -type project, of course). But, just last year, L.A.'s Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern created Co, and fashion's finest are already flocking. The designing duo refuses to ditch their filmmaking roots, and with each collection they've vowed to compliment the line with a short film — which brings us to their fall '12 flick: Tependris Rising.
Screened at the Soho House with the likes of Dita von Teese, Rooney Mara, and Marisa Tomei in tow, the narrative stars Mrs. Tependris, a fashion icon that's ready for her comeback after four years of being cryogenically frozen for chic posterity (can you take it?). The over-the-top personality, narrated by famous artist and the film's creator, Konstantin Kakanias, battles extreme heat and a spider from outer space to secure a spot on the Co catwalk. Making an entrance before an animated front row that boasts Anna Wintour, Kanye West, and Terry Richardson, and with the pressure of making a runway return of Kate Moss-proportions, you better believe Tependris makes a serious splash.
Screen the video yourself, and you too will hope all upcoming NYFW shows go this swimmingly.
Video: Courtesy of Nadine Johnson & Associates Inc

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