Meet The Ladies Of Tech At R29

Stereotypes are hard to kill. For women in the tech field, that means combating the assumption that technology teams are full of men — and nerdy ones, at that. Unfortunately, numbers only confirm the notion that women remain significantly underrepresented in the industry. Google's workforce is just 30% female. The majority of female staff at Apple work in non-tech positions. In 2013, women made up just 26% of the computing workforce in the country.
But, the space is changing for women. Apple's CEO has addressed the gender disparity at the company, acknowledging the steps it needs to take to get more women on board. Plus, there has been an onslaught of new programs designed to get young girls interested in coding, like Google's Made With Code.
Here at Refinery29, we’re lucky to have a tech team that's chock full of savvy, stylish women. They make our site — and all your favorite content — possible. Ahead, meet the rad ladies who run tech at R29.