Tattoo Artists Unite For A Bad-Ass Exhibit

At some stage in life, most people consider getting a tattoo. While here at the office we're pretty divided about body art, that doesn't mean we don't like peepin' some good ink. So, we're pretty psyched about "Metanoia" a new show at P.J.S. exhibitions featuring the art of tattoo artists from some of the most renowned NYC parlors. With artists like Chris O'Donnell from New York Adorned, Jason June from Daredevil, and Josh Egnew from Three Kings, there's bad-ass pieces for every type of stencil style—the pieces ranging from sketches to intricately etched metal on the chassis of a motorcycle—all inspired by tattoos of course. Som even if you don't want some permanent art on your own body (or alternatively, what some dope inspiration), this show will give you ink pleasure without the pain of those pesky needles.
Metanoia, opening reception July 15, 7-10p.m.; rsvp:; exhibiting through August 29, 2010. P.J.S. Exhibitions, 238 West 14th Street; 212-242-2427