Sweet Digs
I Love Cabins — & This $395-$550 Nashville B&B Is Country Chic

Travel blogger Lindsey Bro shows us the Urban Cowboy bed and breakfast in Nashville, Tennessee.

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In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial women. In today's episode, @cabinlove’s Lindsey Bro gives a tour of Nashville’s $395-$550 per night Urban Cowboy bed-and-breakfast for that perfect country getaway.
When we’re on autopilot in our work and home routine for too long, we could use some travel therapy to the countryside to rejuvenate.
“Sometimes you need a geographic cure when you’re at home and you’re stuck,” says Lindsey Bro of Instagram’s @cabinlove. “So putting yourself in the way of experiences is sometimes exactly what you need to create a shift or whatever it is to get you going again. That’s the whole point of travel: to get an experience that makes you better.”
To that end, Bro goes around creating gorgeous cabin escapes — and in this episode of Sweet Digs, she's taking us on a tour of a one such getaway, Urban Cowboy, in Nashville, Tennessee.
Watch above as Bro takes us through four featured rooms, ranging from $395 a night to $550 a night, and read on for more information about her style.
How has your life experience influenced your decorating style?
I travel all over the world and see as many places as possible. Everything is an influence, whether good or bad, and over time you take in the experiences and things you see to piece together what you like. I tend to lean toward a clean, yet eclectic style at home, so that it feels like a reflection of my life. When I’m traveling, though, I’m so drawn to places like the Cowboy that offer an unbelievable feast of design, owning the vignettes and pattern and style. It’s so inspiring to walk into a room and be taken to a place outside of where you’ve been. It’s a bit of theater.
What’s your favorite part of the Urban Cowboy?
My favorite part is just how visually arresting it is. So many people get shy when it comes to patterns and filling a space, I love how rich it is with texture and color and pattern.
Do you cook a lot?
I cook so much, it’s insane. Traveling a lot, that makes it a little bit hard but because I’ll be at cabins or somewhere that has a kitchen. I love to drop by the local farm, get whatever’s in season (plus a few dry good staples) and see what can happen. I’m a big fan of what I’ve come to call Hippie Bowls: some sort of grain, some sort of veg, plus some greens, a sauce and something crunchy. I also love to bake bread and bring that with me. Lately, though, everything has been about pickling because there is so much produce coming in and I need to save it for the winter.
What’s your ideal getaway kitchen?
I love a lot of counter space and very few appliances. I’m not one for one-use anything, so as long as I have a bit of storage, a nice butcher block, and a few knives, we’re good to go.
Where do you get inspiration for home decor?
I love looking to nature for color combinations, and I think I’m really drawn to lots of different textures in a space because of nature, as well. Cabins get this bad wrap for sometimes being really dark and full of ugly old furniture, but I think there’s this cool renaissance happening where people want them to be fresh and design forward and also full of chances. Spots like the Cowboy are exactly the sort of inspiration I like to have when someone asks me for their opinion on redoing their cabin.
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