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I Live In A 3-Bedroom Apartment — & It Only Costs $1,600 A Month

Influencer Jeanne Grey shows off her three-bedroom Jersey City apartment.

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In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial women. In this episode, digital media influencer Jeanne Grey of Jersey City shows off her three-bedroom apartment.
When you’re on shoots all day creating content for fashion, lifestyle, travel, food and everything in between, you need a method to your madness. For social media influencer Jeanne Grey, it’s feng shui.
She’s all about separating work, play and rest, and if you’re looking for balance in your life, “putting the bed in the middle of the room facing the southeast region creates an aura of calmness and contentment in your relationship, life and in career,” she said.
In her 3-bedroom 1,000 square foot apartment in Jersey City, Grey makes every room special to her while staying true to her professional goals. With her color scheme of copper, gold and bronze, she created a Parisian chic effect with crown molding and trinkets from thrift stores in her living room and bathroom. She creates a simple, sophisticated look that’s totally Insta-worthy.
"This entire space was designed to become a home for my family, but also for photo purposes," Grey says. "My entire life is my work, and it keeps everything very convenient photo and video wise when the entire space is already photo-ready. Every corner is meant to reflect my aesthetic and used for content creation."
Grey's closet, however, is the real highlight though where she gets ready for her shoots. With a 7’5” mirror from Craigslist and high shelves — perfect if you have long dresses — the fashion influencer created a sense of character to her space without breaking the bank. Watch the entire tour in 360-VR, above.
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How YouTuber Jeanne Grey Feng Shuis Her ApartmentReleased on October 25, 2018

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