Swag Alert! New L.A. Brand Makes Wallets That Lend Some Major Street Cred

Pick up some serious swagger this summer with a new way to hold all your cash. Brand-spankin'-new L.A.-based label Guns, Germs & $teal has rolled out a line of brass wallets that are just about the sleekest—and dare we say sexiest—money holders we've seen in awhile. Measuring in at three by four-and-a-half-inches, each wallet is hand-stamped with a clever little quote (personal favorites include: "Fuck Money, Get Bitches," and the ever-so-simply put, "SWAG"). These compact wallets are sure to keep you entertained and make you the envy of those around you. Once you choose your wallet based on its saying, you can customize the inside when you check out by selecting Brown Leather, Pendleton, Mexican Serape, Denim, or Plaid fabric, all which are reclaimed or found, so that no two wallets are ever alike. You can also select the number of straps for the interior depending on just how much you plan on stuffing inside. All around, these pretty pocketbooks are perfect for anyone—male or female, goody two-shoes or gangster—and at a cool $120 (for an additional $10, they'll also stamp your initials on the back), you'll still have some bills left over to put in your shiny new wallet. See all the available wallets and place your orders through the Guns, Germs and $teal on Etsy.