Got Tiny Wrists And Fingers? This New Jewelry Line Is Made For You

Despite the labels, one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to bracelets. And, those pretty little rings you picked up in the smallest measurement you could find? Well, you've seen way too many wash down the drain. Try as you might, those with petite arms and wrists often find their limbs overwhelmed with baubles that are two sizes too big. But, luckily, a jewelry line heard those cries of frustration and has introduced a collection of specially designed accessories to solve all those woes.
Created with a distinct sizing system, Svelte Metals' line is filled with beyond-gorgeous bracelets and rings that are guaranteed to fit even the smallest of arms and fingers. The designs are simple yet edgy, making them perfect for slipping on every day — and not sliding off. It's finally an end to oversized arm parties and rings that have mysteriously disappeared. Click through to check out Svelte Metals' latest collection in the slides ahead.

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