Suri Cruise Is Getting $50K In Christmas Presents — Can We Switch Parents?

We know, the holidays are about more than just gift-giving. They're a time to reflect on years past, be thankful for family and friends, and generally spread the love. But, let's be honest — Christmas is also about the presents. And, nowhere is Christmas more about the presents than at Suri and Katie's house. Maybe it's post-divorce guilt, but Santa Katie is spoiling Suri in a huge way this year.
The veritable swag bag that is Suri's stocking will be stuffed to the brim with almost $50,000 worth of prezzies. How does someone spend that much on a six-year-old, you ask? Let us count the ways. The tiniest Cruise will be getting, among other things: an iPad Mini, designer duds, and a $24,000 Victorian playhouse, complete with running water. And the craziest part? These goodies are inevitably only half of what Suri will be calling her own, as we still have no idea what her rich and famous Pop will splurge on. Merry Christmas, indeed. (Marie Claire UK)
Photo: Via Marie Claire UK

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