The Best Sunburn Remedies That Aren't Advil & A Cold Compress

Even if you don’t love the sweltering heat, the summer season still has some pretty sweet perks. You get out of work relatively earlier than usual ("pending manager approval"), there's suddenly the option to spend every free moment at the beach, and it's just about time to use all that saved PTO time for a well-deserved vacation. But there’s also a downside to those seaside weekends and days at the pool: the risk of sunburn. Because forgetting to apply SPF happens to the best of us... and if you haven't learned your lesson by Labor Day weekend, well, you're probably gonna need some help.
So why, exactly, are sunburns enemy numero uno for summer? Not only do they leave behind stinging patches of red (a general ouch factor), too much unprotected time in the sun can lead to blisters and even sun poisoning. This is why we put together an arsenal of burn-fighting weaponry as a just-in-case. Some Advil, extra H2O, and a cold compress can help — but the creams, gels, and mists ahead will do an expert job of soothing your skin and getting it back in good shape to start September off on the right foot.

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