The Best Summer Trend For YOUR Body

When new summer styles abound, it can be tricky to know which to try and which are a waste of time. Not every look can flatter every frame, so we narrowed down the seasonal essentials that won’t steer you wrong, whatever your shape. From draping that subtly hugs your curves to a silhouette that’ll make you feel like a petite Superwoman, these trends were practically made for your body.
Think of this as your start-of-summer, what-to-wear cheat sheet. Your next feel-good piece could be hiding in the designs to come, that item you count among the favorites in your closet — if it ever stays in there. Ahead, meet your sartorial soulmate.
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If you have a large bust, a cinched waist will create definition and help show off what you’ve got (if you’re so inclined). But, skip the belts and flimsy ties. Instead, opt for a smartly draped dress that subtly twists and knots at your midsection. It's an instantly flattering, stupid-simple, style go-to.
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On your linear frame — your shoulders, waist, and hips have nearly the same measurements — loose, slouchy boyfriend jeans are perfect. The look can be styled a multitude of ways. Choose a strappy heel and tiered, ruffled tank for a more feminine look, or stick with sneakers and a muscle tee to play up those tomboy vibes.
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Ballerina Body
The tiered dress is a summer essential that looks great on almost anyone. Its cleverly placed ruffles don't just serve as a playful design element; they also help emphasize dimension. We especially love this frock on a ballerina body. Your tall, lean frame will look amazing in small or large ripples that create minor (or major) curves.
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We'll argue that jumpsuits could be almost anyone's favorite summer essential, but for hourglass shapes, they are truly a one-piece wonder. Choose a design with an adjustable waist to complement your midsection; your killer proportions will fill out the rest.
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Small Chest
If you’re small-chested, dare to take the crop top to the next level. We call it the cropped-in crop top. These versions have a crisscross shape, show off your clavicles, and can even include cutouts for an extra-bold twist. Plus — if you're up for it — no bra, no problem.
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Gauchos work so well for women with wide hips and butts because the silhouette is somewhat similar. With a higher cut, the pants will highlight your small waistline. The roomier bottoms won't cling to — but will flatter — some of your best assets. Pair with a slimmer-fit top for even more emphasis.
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You carry most of your weight toward the center of your body, so choose a summer essential that creates some balance. A slightly boxy T-shirt dress does just that. Choose your favorite all-over print, and keep the hem short to draw eyes to your legs.
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Petite & Compact
Big, billowy cuts can sometimes swallow smaller frames. The good news: This season, less is more. Stick with minimal designs, and make an impact with colors and prints. A bold pair of high-waisted shorts is a smart way to do this.
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Long Torso
We're pretty stoked that the denim pencil skirt is certifiably a thing once again. Long-torso ladies: This trend is for you. The high waist will balance your proportions and create the illusion of longer legs. (If you want more length, a small wedge or heel will work wonders, too.)
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Short Torso
You may have already heard: A crop top is the short torso's best friend. A shortened shirt — though perhaps revealing on someone else — is just the right length for you. This summer, ditch the tucked-top look, and stock up on boxy, printed, cropped versions that perfectly meet your waist.
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Carrot shapes have broader shoulders and slimmer hips, and a full skirt will beautifully balance those proportions. The loose, airy fit is not only comfortable, but also easy to wear for both day and night (in case you're planning to be out a lot).
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