How To Wear Summer's Biggest Trends The Right Way

We'll start off by saying that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to wear something. You put a garment on, and — bam! — you're wearing it. That part is simple. It gets a little more complicated, though, when you're dealing with trends: Your staples may fit like a glove, but a foreign silhouette might not groove as well with the rest of your closet. It could be the construction (under- or overdetailing that straddles the fine line of what looks chic versus cheap), or something about the shape that doesn't quite work.

During the winter, staying warm is the name of the game: As long as you're layering, you're doing it right. However, summertime (and the limb freedom that comes with it) is a whole different story. With many, many more trends to keep up with, there's ample room for play — and for some trial and error.

This particular season, too, is all about the throwback: pieces you knew and loved way back when, rising from the ashes to seize their rightful place in your wardrobe. So the question becomes how we can seamlessly incorporate these long-forgotten items — the cargo short! the tube dress! the belt bag previously known as a fanny pack! — without looking ironic.

To maximize the aforementioned trial and minimize the error, we pulled some of the must-have items that pop up during the warm months — and show you how to nail 'em every time.

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