Find Out When Your Train’s Coming Before You Enter The Station!

Crazy, right? It only took 108 years (pretty fast by MTA standards), but thanks to a new app, you can actually tell when the next subway train is coming before you head underground. So exciting!
According to our friends at Mashable, the Subway Time app uses the same new signaling systems that make those wonderful in-station clocks possible to provide accurate arrival times above ground. Now, granted, there are limitations. The app only works on the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and S lines (the L is coming soon, you hipsters), and Subway Time is only available for iPhone users.
Still, as functionality improves, this could — nay, will — revolutionize life as we know it. Imagine, no more running for the train, only to discover you'll sit stewing in the station for ten more minutes. Imagine, knowing you have time to stay for one more drink, one more laugh, one more kiss, during a night out. Imagine, spending less time in the crowded, dank subway system. It's like a dream, friends — a beautiful, beautiful dream. (Mashable)
Photo: Via Mashable.