Junk In The Trunk: What L.A.'s Style Set Keep In Their Cars

Sure, we all read the sites that give us exclusive access to the homes of fashion's frontrunners. And sometimes, we get an even closer look by peering inside the handbags and makeup bags and bathroom of our beloved trendsetters. But, we have yet to see a sneak peek quite like this.
Our pals over at Stylelist delved a bit deeper and gave us a glimpse into the trunks (yes, as in cars) of some of our fave L.A. ladies. This genius auto show features stylish lasses from Amanda Thomas of LuvAj and Desiree Kohan of DES KOHAN to Elizabeth Kott of ClosetRich and our own L.A. Editor Brenna Egan.
Writer Sarah St. Lifer was initially inspired by NYC women and their handbags — but since she’s living it up L.A. style (and driving is unavoidable 'round here), she saw it fitting to feature cars, trunks, and their crave-worthy contents. Just what do these well-dressed dames tote around town? Click through to see the (envy-inducing) junk in their trunks, and head to Stylelist for the interesting explanations! (Stylelist)
Photos: Via Stylelist

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