3 Moms & Daughters Play Dress-Up In L.A.’s Loveliest Closets

For us, some of the most memorable moments of childhood took place just outside our mommas' closets. Remember gaining entrée to that wonderland of womanhood for the first time? How about when she gifted you your first set of pearls, or zipped you into your prom dress? It's funny that this storage space can hold so much of life's weight.
So many moms have been collecting a lifetime of finery — and memories — all marking the evolutions of their own styles. Whether they were Mossimo or Chanel, her prized possessions were the epitome of chic in our eyes, and we had to get our hands on them — even if we had to do it clandestine-style! Well, now that we're all grown up, we've snapped two lovely mom-daughter duos (and one trio!) inside closets we're clamoring for (they're bigger than our apartments), and they all have plenty of tales to tell. And, these lovely ladies are here to prove that this room is not just a useful place to hang clothes — but rather, a sanctuary filled with timeless mementos. Click through, and we promise you won't experience anything resembling buyer's remorse.