This Korean Shop Will Make You Think You’re Already Drunk

There are a few online shopping sites we wish we could just keep to ourselves, and StyleNanda is one of our worst kept secrets. The word about its affordable, brilliantly styled, uniquely trendy wares have spread way beyond our group texts at this point. For those who are still unfamiliar with this South Korean brand, think of it as a site where you can get all the same trends selling at Zara, except everything is on hallucinogens — we're talking silhouettes that aren't afraid to be wildly unflattering, items that make our brain hurt so good, and even pieces that we genuinely can't believe exist.

The genius behind it is that StyleNanda creates a world where anything goes — and somehow looks great, too. A not-so-insignificant part of our paychecks have gone toward buying into that StyleNanda world, populated only by outrageously adorable alien babies pulling off trends that'd look weird in any other context. Click over here, and you'll start thinking that Deconstructed Garden Gnome is actually a look you can achieve. Click over there, and you'll convince yourself that your new look must be hinged entirely on white athletic socks. The StyleNanda Kool-Aid is strong, you guys.

Click on for the weirdest stuff currently selling on the brand's virtual shelves. The cherry on top? The site is currently offering a whopping 8% (???) off on select items. Whether you find something to buy or not, you're sure in for a laugh. And Stylenanda? You stay weird.

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