Update: Style.Com’s Reality Show Has A Website

On Friday, we told you about Style.com's new reality show, North Of Madison, which just started casting. Well, in their second round of emails, Donor Ofir Casting has provided a handy little link to the reality series' new website. We now learn that the program is not just open to writers—designers, models, photographers, publicists, show producers, and stylists "who are the supreme definition of current movers and shakers in the Big Apple are encouraged to apply." If you're interested in being the next Olivia Palermo, you can apply online, but be prepared to share your Facebook page and answer a boatload of questions. Our favorite? "What is your reputation among others (whether professionally, socially or personally)? How are you remembered? What impression do you make?" Ummm...right. Oh yea, did we mention that there's also a personal essay component? We WISH we could see the applications. Do you think potential leading man Darrell Hartman gets to read them?