Style.Com Is Now Casting For Their Reality Show, Which May Be Called North Of Madison

We were working pretty late at the office last night, feeling tired, when we got an email that gave us a little rush of energy. It seems that's reality show is going forward, and you can all try out! The subject line was pretty straightforward, though the bolded-caps really caught our attention: "STYLE.COM SEEKING TRENDSETTING NEW YORKERS TO BE THE NEXT BIG VOICE IN FASHION ON NEW DOCU-SERIES." Rather than give you a wrap-up, we figured we'd just show you the letter in it's entirety:
    Generate Productions, United Entertainment Group and Doron Ofir Casting, in conjunction with,     officially confirm and announce the search for the next big voice in fashion.      North of Madison will offer the unprecedented opportunity to document your life and personal world as one     of NY's most creative voices, minds and points of view.     Working with the online destination for all things style in an authentic TV series, you will define to     audiences what it really means to be "en vogue."     "We've seen the fashion competition shows and the stylized reality soap operas... it's time we see the reality     of what it truly means to be current, edgy and on the fore-front of trendsetting style. What it takes to get     there is one thing. What it takes to stay there is another" says Doron Ofir.     Those between the ages of 21 and 28 who express their love and hate for current trends via any legitimate     outlet and are interested in applying to be apart of this series should email their Name, Phone, Photo and a     Short Bio to:

Now for a couple things. Is the show called
North Of Madison
, because that's what it seems like to us. If that's the case, twenty guesses as to why? The age limit seems a bit mean, but we concede that Lauren Conrad types aren't usually 35. What exactly is a "legitimate outlet?" Finally, if it's not a stylized soap opera, wouldn't that mean that if you wanted to be on the show, would actually have to hire you to do, uh, something? If you want to be the next Olivia Palermo, we suggest you act quickly. We're thinking there's many, many, many girls who'd want to get cozy on camera with this dude.