Why The Striped Shirt Is 100 Times Better Than A Plain White Tee

Nothing is more simple, more basic, more foundational than a plain, white tee. And while it's something that exists in most people's closets, it's a piece that doesn't come without its own annoyances: It never stays that white for long; it gets stained easily; and any rip, tear, or fray just makes it look more "meh."
But here's a secret that a lot of practical-minded fashion people already know: Just wear a striped tee instead. Not only does it have all the benefits of a white tee (it's neutral, seasonless, and versatile), but it's also a little more durable. Basically: Go eat that chocolate ice cream cone that's dripping everywhere. Your shirt can handle it.
The best part about the sriped tee is that it truly does go with everything. You could essentially wear a striped top a different way every single day, and honestly, that's fine. To prove it to you, we’ve put together five easy outfits around the same striped shirt — click on to see just a few of the ways you can wear this must-have staple.

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