7 Totally Different Phones That Are So NOT iPhones

When you look around on the streets, the subway, and in bars, you might notice that most smartphones look more or less the same. People are either carrying an iPhone or an Android, a rectangular slab with a screen taking up most of the front of the phone and a home button beneath.
It didn't used to be that way. Before the homogenous touchscreen smartphone, there was the flip phone (remember the pink Motorola Razr?) and keyboard-wielding BlackBerries and Sidekicks, which had a snazzy swivel-out screen or keyboard.
If time proves anything, it's that phones come in many shapes and sizes and what's popular today may go out of fashion in a year or two. Perhaps today's popular drab slab is slowly on the way out. If you need any convincing, consider the pebble-shaped Runcible or the AQUOS Crystal, a phone with an edgeless screen, something that most iPhone addicts have been wanting for years.
Click through to check out seven of the craziest phones out there. And don't be too incredulous — these could be in the palm of your hand in the not-too-distant future.

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