We're Jealous Of A 3rd Grader: Creative Girl Puts All Our Halloween Costumes To Shame

Prepare to be inspired by one helluva third grader.
While most kids go through a "wacky hat phase" or maybe (maybe) insist on wearing their Halloween costume a bit after the holiday, Stella Ehrhart takes dressing up for school to a level that feminists and fashion fans can both appreciate. Every day, when getting ready for school, Stella chooses a historical figure to dress up as, and then knocks it out of the park with her interpretation.
By sifting through her book 100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century, Stella gets plenty of outfit ideas, like Jane Goodall and Billie Holiday, but she also reaches farther back in time or into fiction (like Hermione Granger). Fortunately for the Omaha girl, her parents are both involved in theatre and help the aspiring historian come up with outfits — which she promises to never repeat. For the most part, says Omaha's local World-Herald Paper, her outfits veer on the side of practical, because Stella doesn't want to disrupt the classroom, wearing all black as Emily Dickinson or a hat her aunt brought her from Vietnam to be Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Her teacher says, "There are times I even forget... It's not an attention-getter ‘Look at me.'” A pint-sized visionary that doesn't need the spotlight? Our hearts are a-flutter.
Apparently, Stella has been undertaking this exercise since the second grade, though her parents say they take no part in the creation or execution of the outfits. The initiative/project is entirely Stella's.
In grade school, our most serious fashion quandary was what color of neon stretchy pants to rock or what side our ponytail belonged on. This creative, young gal wouldn't have just been a style icon to us then (and now), but she might even be a burgeoning Tavi in the making... (Huffington Post/Omaha World-Herald)

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