State of The Arts: Browsing Museum-Store Merch

More great gift ideas to amp up your holiday shopping... Everyone loves an inspiring exhibit. But everyone loves the gift shop more. Here's our fave museum shop loot for the art-lovers on your list.
The Design Destination: Located in Andrew Carnegie's "modest" retirement home on upper Fifth Ave., The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (2 E 91st St, 212-849-8355??) showcases of-the-moment contemporary design and its shop, located in the demure wood-paneled library, holds a colorful array of innovative objects and books.
Above, from left:
Linda Kostowski "Stacey" Realfakewatch, $50
Because watches really are accessories now that you can read the time on your ipod.
Naoto Fukosawa Ballpoint Pen with Heart Stamp, $50
Emboss your love for friends and family when you write their holiday cards.
Temple Street Giant Calculator, $36
To, erm, calculate how far in debt you are after the holiday spree.
The Art Mecca: The MoMA (44 W. 53rd St, 212-767-1050?) is a seminal institution presenting incredible exhibits to its bajillion visitors. Its store is almost as famous as the museum itself, peddling products that redefine the meaning of art in an everyday context.
Above, clockwise from left:
Paolo Volpi Handmade Criss-Cross Necklace, $250
Because you took our advice about strong collar necklaces.
Gijs Bakker Set of Two Windrider Bicycle Clips, $15
Be graceful, and avoid fraying your cuffs, while you pump your pedals.
Nokia Travel Speakers, $78
Eventually, you will need to tune out the Christmas music with some secular indie goodness.
The Vanguard Venue: When you're called "The New Museum" you'd better stay parked right at the bleeding edge. From its unconventional location (235 Bowery, 212-343-0460), to its teetering-stacked-shoe-boxes architecture, pushing the envelope is its raison d'être. All this continues at the shop, of course.
Above, clockwise, from left:
The Learning Materials Workshop of Vermont Shift Toy, $55
Play architect with these shiny building blocks. A Pritzker could be in your future.
Elizabeth Peyton's Walt Whitman Tote, $18
Like an hot author photo or rock poster, but way better.
Daniel Buren set of four Blue and White Espresso Cup Collection, $110
Ask any barista, there's an art to serving good coffee.

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