Cold Removes Cellulite, & Other Lies NY Partiers Tell Themselves In Winter

We ladies are all too familiar with the horrible, dreaded feeling we get when we're invited to a you-could-stay-home-watching-SVU-but-the dude-in-that-band-with-the-dimples-will-be-there party — but (dang it!) it's in the dead of winter. Typically, we like to look super cute without having to sport our long johns. So, we're forced to make the crucial choice between A) staying warm by wearing our heaviest pullover or B) slipping into our sexy LBD and freezing our asses off. Too often we choose the latter and obviously highly regret it every time.

Yes, we've all been there, and so have these two uber-hilarious subway gals, Alexandra and Danielle from SRSLY The Show
. Peep the video below where the two poke fun at the NYC winter style choices (that clearly don't adhere to our tips). They clueless twosome get some valuable advice to harm up to. For instance, did you know that wearing close-to-nothing helps blood flow, gets rid of toxins, and eliminates cellulite? Riiight. Watch away and be sure to keep those extra-chunky knits handy, and the teeny LBDs saved for another season.

Photo: Via SRSLY