22 Ways To Wear Sparkles Without Looking Like A Disco Ball

Though "everything in moderation" is rarely our style mantra (we're all about print on print...on print), when it comes to pulling off certain trends, that age-old cliche certainly rings true. Sparkles, for example, are one of those textures where less is actually more — and more can have you looking a little too much like a disco ball. Knowing just how to integrate these festive items into your look (so they accentuate, not overwhelm) is all it takes.
Rather than going overboard, try introducing just one shiny item into your look, whether it's a statement sock worn with Mary Janes, a glittery turtleneck to layer under a chunky knit, or a clutch that adds a little oomph to the simplest of black dresses. To prove it's possible to fit shimmery items into your grown-up wardrobe next to things like blazers, crisp button-ups, and jeans that actually fit, we've rounded up 22 of our favorite unexpected high-shine pieces. Click on to make your outfit brighter. You know Rihanna would.