The Latest Trend In Beauty? Solids

As much as we love our favorite beauty products (and believe us, we do), we have one major gripe about them: Most of them are SO difficult to travel with. Anyone who has ever tried to pack the contents of their shower and medicine cabinet into a carry-on bag knows this to be true.
You get it: Things spill, caps break, and by the time you reach your final destination, your beloved shampoos and serums have mixed into some horrific soup at the bottom of your suitcase. It. Sucks.
So imagine our excitement at watching a new batch of beauty buys begin to hit shelves in solid form. Milk Makeup is the latest beauty brand to pick up this torch, but said fire was lit by the folks over at Lush. It's a fairly easy concept to grasp. Formulations that you typically find in liquid form are now being packaged as solids. Facial mists? Bingo. Serums? Done. These buys are pretty brilliant — and ridiculously easy to just toss in your purse without the worry of a spill.
Ahead, we've rounded up a few of our favorite new-to-market solid products. Perhaps one day we'll live in a world in which our products stay securely in their packaging. Until then, we have these mini-saviors.

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