Fashion’s Coolest Kids Just Launched A Makeup Line

When a fashion darling decides to launch a beauty line, you can bet your mascara we're going go batshit crazy for it. Case in point: Milk Makeup. Launched by the achingly hip creative collective Milk Studios, the line is aimed at "a new breed of [an] empowered, ambitious, entrepreneurial girl" who needs "on-the-go, multi-benefit essentials that give her the freedom to change her look from day to night in five minutes." The 85 product offerings range from makeup to skin to personal care. Intriguing... Tell us more.
"Our products are cutting-edge and connect you to the living, breathing needs of the Milk community in NYC," says cofounder and creative director Georgie Greville. "We strived to make every product as natural as possible while still delivering bold, nourishing results that feel like you are wearing nothing. When you feel the fairy-kiss light textures of the Lip Pigment and Marshmallow Concealer, you will know what I mean. The packaging is chic and minimal, which allowed us to give even more love to the formulations." Yep, you read that right — Marshmallow Concealer. Go ahead and take our money, Milk.
The good news is you don't have to wait to give them all of your money. While the line itself doesn't open to the public until February 8, Milk is giving R29 readers exclusive access to shop the site now. Yup, right this second. Head to the Milk Makeup website and use code vibes888 at the very top of the page, and you can get early access to buy the collection right now. So you can get your shop on and not worry about everything selling out faster than an Alexander Wang for H&M collection.
The products are vegan and paraben-free, and feature cool and innovative packaging that is more than just a pretty face: "All things were formulated to be applied with your fingers or a built-in applicator, to use your own body heat to blend a product —not a tool," says chief operating officer Dianna Ruth.
So what makes this different than your usual celeb/socialite/YouTuber makeup launch? Besides the cool AF products (no bland eyeshadow quartets here), it’s the minds behind the brand. Instead of being "born in a boardroom," Milk Makeup — like its namesake studio — is a product of a brain trust of creative trailblazers. Filmmakers, makeup artists, magazine editors — the lineup of folks behind the brand is like a who's who of the fashion and art world.
Now, click through to see some of our faves, and then head over and scoop up yours. It's like being first in line at a Louboutin sample sale — you'll get the best stuff and get to gloat to the unfortunate masses still waiting in line. Not that you'd do that, of course, because you're a classy broad. But you get the gist.

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