Has Social Media Ruined NYFW? Weigh Tweet In

Popular opinion dictates that social media has transformed the fashion world for the better, arguing that what was once a notoriously pretentious and exclusive conversation, has been opened up to the roar tweets of the people, and the cries Tumblrs of its customers. Taking an entirely different side is Buzzfeed's Amy Odell, the former The Cut editor, who has a major bone to pick with New York Fashion Week's infatuation with the internet.
By her estimation, fashion content — once the product of time and critical thinking — is now 1) generated at warp-speed, 2) tainted by the compensation structures of blogger-brand partnerships, and 3) published for selfish motives, like building followers and getting retweets.
With so many eyes off the runways and on their iPhones, we too found ourselves abandoning our usual applause, and nodding along to Odell's lapsarian tale of Fashion Week's transformation: in her eyes, an event that was once genuine and creative, has since devolved into an overexposed carnival of OTT street style and lackluster coverage.
Is social media to blame for the decline of fashion news quality? What do you think? Has Fashion Week and its coverage become more superficial because of social media? Or do you think that social media's impact has a net-positive?
Photo: Via Buzzfeed