20 Weather-Defying Sneakers You'll Want For Winter

Thanks to the rise of athleisure and the (general) acceptance of normcore, sneakers have shed their reserved-for-workouts-and-grocery-runs-only rep. Due especially to the ever-growing sneakerhead culture, trainers and their brood have evolved from performance shoes into fashion must-haves. They've even spawned designer collections from the likes of Rodarte and Rihanna. But while the warmer months give us plenty chances to rotate our coveted, limited-edition-filled sneaker collection, weather conditions that don't include a 100% likelihood of sunshine can become a threat to our kicks.

Modern sneaker designers have anticipated our prayers, however, and have produced some pretty sweet shoes to wear in the face of crappy weather. And, if you're lucky enough to live in a snowflake-free zone, that doesn't mean your toes won't appreciate some shearling padding.

So whether you love your sneakers plain and to the point or always opt for the trendiest pair on the block, we've rounded up a bit of everything you can wear in the face of winter. With waterproof, athletic styles and furry details, each of these will boost your cold-weather wardrobe — or at least diversify your footwear game.

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