Object Lesson: Slightly Pursed

A past-perfect handbag without all the fuss. By Loryn Hatch
Some of us have it down to a science: We carry nothing but the basics, leaving the filler at home. Then there are those who can't leave the house without the planner, the camera, the novel, lipstick trio, iPod, mentos, etcetera. For the type-A sort who lives in a rummage-free world, A.P.C's new petite-sized purse will pose no organizational crisis. But for all the pack rats and hopeless hobos, be prepared to reassess your mess. It's time to switch out that old anvil for a simplified and proper handbag. Not too small, and yet not too much either.
At 8.5 by 5.5 inches, the fully lined buffalo leather purse comes in white or ripe orange, each with a slick, glossy finish. A long, tortoiseshell Plexiglas chain suspends the simple flap design in the mid-20th century, a time when styles looked toward more futuristic frontiers with the use of innovative materials, streamlined shapes, and daring, hopeful shades. The purse pulls together the best of these modern explorations, offering a subtle and ladylike alternative that will hold its own uptown, downtown, or in any town. It just won't hold your entire life, and well, that's probably a good thing.
A.P.C. bag with Plexiglas chain in orange or white ($273). A.P.C., 131 Mercer Street, New York; 212-966-9685.
A past-perfect handbag without all the fuss.

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