Skin Care Legend Dr. Sebagh Solves Your Winter Skin Woes

Globally renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, is one of the most buzzworthy names in the beauty biz. He's responsible for the famously gorgeous faces of Daisy Lowe and Cindy Crawford, plus a line of revolutionary anti-aging products that are the bottle equivalent of Benjamin Button. Of course, for those of us SoCal ladies that have to contend with the dry desert winter—and let’s not forget the mounting pile of holiday invites and the impending awards season—the colder months mean we have to go the distance to keep looking our best. Though his Paris and London offices are routinely booked, we managed to snag some face time with this A-list skin saver during his recent trip to L.A., where he shared his secrets for keeping your visage glowing and healthy. Aging backwards doesn't just happen in the movies.