What To Know About Caring For Skin In Your 40s

By age 40, you may feel you finally have an effective skin-care routine. However, the hormonal experiences that occur in the 40s may require some simple tweaks to your routine to ensure you make it through the decade with a youthful glow. Hormonal changes are common during this period and can create noticeable changes in the skin due to a decline in estrogen. The hormone directly affects the function of key cells in the skin, such as fibroblasts (which produce collagen, elastin, and keratinocytes that aid in skin protection) and melanocytes (which keep skin tone even, firm, and smooth).
While the hormonal changes may be gradual, many women will notice an increase in lines around the eyes, between the brows, on the forehead, and around the mouth. Brown spots may start to occur and, around age 45, there might be a loss in skin tone. Hormonal swings can even cause an increase in facial hair. The peri-menopausal years also trigger skin growths on the face and body that begin as small, rough bumps and over time can thicken, get larger, and become impossible to hide with makeup.
While these changes may seem a little daunting, if you pay attention to the following tips, you can ensure your skin stays healthy, smooth, and glowing.

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