30 Common Shopping Mistakes We Make — According To Personal Shoppers

At the beginning of 2016, I made a vow to only buy 10 articles of clothing this year (not including basic necessities like underwear and socks). I thought this would make me a smarter shopper, but I somehow found myself still regretting purchases. A pair of too-small shoes made its way onto the list; I felt compelled to buy a dress because it was part of my New Year's resolutions, and I haven't worn it once.
So in light of a new year and a blank slate, I decided to ask three personal shoppers how to never make those same mistakes again. How can someone who loves fashion keep taking risks, while minimizing mistake purchases? How can I make sure I love — and wear — every item I buy this upcoming year?
Ahead, we've compiled the 30 major shopping pitfalls that personal shoppers see all the time. After this month of likely overspending, we all need this.