Shop Splendid For The Perfect T-Shirt, Plus Everyday Summer Wardrobe Essentials!

So, your summer wardrobe is looking totally stellar. But do you have the essential basics of smart and stylish dressing? We're talking the pull-over-your-head, layer-and-go, chic-and-easy building blocks of your closet. It’s all about the perfect T-shirt, and you need look no further than Splendid. Made from the softest fabric ever (with yarns most prone to absorbing brilliant colors), Splendid T-shirts are a fuss-free way to add effortless color and comfort to your style this summer. Right now, when you spend $75, $150, or $250 online at Splendid, you Reserve another 50% more. That means for $250, you score $500 worth of these chic, extra-comfy basics to build the foundation of your look. This brand may be built around comfort and ease, but it’s now a coveted resource for essential, everyday style that we could all use more of in our closets. Reserve it!

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