Don't Overlook These Cheap Sephora & Ulta Beauty Buys

The choice between brand name and generic products has long been debated in the beauty world and consumers — across all categories — tend to have better things to say about the former. Who can blame us when pulling a Glossier lip gloss out of your makeup bag, or decorating your vanity with the latest Diptyque perfume, has become a status symbol akin to wearing a Chanel Boy Bag at your hip and Gucci loafers on your feet?
But, as many of us know, a brand's name stamped across a package doesn't necessarily mean it's more quality than its generic counterpart. In fact, the creation of companies like Brandless — which eschew traditional advertising and branding in favor of a "brandless" approach — is a testament to that.
But it's not just niche brands that offer great products for less: In the aisles of Sephora and Ulta Beauty, shelling out for the brand's own wares can be just as fruitful as — not to mention cheaper than — paying for the fancier stuff. Ahead, check out 10 products that'll make you think twice before skipping the Sephora and Ulta Collection sections.

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