How To Wear Uniform Staples Without Looking Like A Kid

In the grown-up world, the arrival of September doesn't actually hold a fresh new year and the opportunity to recreate your entire identity like it used to. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't still feel like it could. While back-to-school promos don't exactly apply anymore, you might actually find yourself wishing you had a reason to go school supply shopping again or practicing a kick-ass speech on what you did this summer. For those who spent 12-plus years in a uniform, five days a week, you may even start to miss the structure and simplicity of always having an outfit already picked out — especially when it feels way too hard to drag yourself out of bed in the morning.

Your teenage self may have loathed uniforms, but modern you can definitely see the advantages of having a time-saver when you want to add breakfast to your morning itinerary. Insert the need for the updated uniform. While the Gossip Girl gang made their school uniform hacks look incredibly chic — and unrealistic — decoupage headbands and cropped blazers are a little too dated for us to try now. We've taken your ultimate basics, from loafers to sweater vests, and given them a modern spin that we promise still look cool. Live out the rebel you always wanted to be by shortening hems and injecting rule-breaking accessories into your getup with these updated uniforms.

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