Scarf? Hood? Who Cares! These Ain't Your Lunchlady's Snoods

When we first heard the word snood, we thought it was some poor marketer's attempt to combine snuggly-scarf-hoods, and would join shacket, slanket, and skort in fashion's awkward S-word lexicon. It turns out that snoods have been around since the Middle Ages (think bun covers), and have staged a stylish comeback from their hair-netted past. Loose circle shawls, awesome knit headgear, scarves with real hoods attached--they're all modern-day, right-now snoods, and are our new favorite way to keep our necks (and heads!) warm.
Above, from left: Topshop Fair Isle Hooded Scarf, $50, available at Topshop; Staring at Stars Open Knit Snood, $34, at Urban Outfitters.
Above, from left: American Apparel Unisex Hooded Scarf, $22, at American Apparel; 2890 by Arne & Carlos Intarsia Hooded Scarf, $48, at Urban Outfitters
Above, from left: Rogan Maharata Hooded Scarf, $208, at Otte; Hortensia Knit Collar Hood, $175, at Hortensia.

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